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My New WSPR-Setup

During the Corona Shutdown I had some time to reactivate my Ham-Radio station. I strung a wire of 20 meters length from the window of my shack under the roof to a telescopic fishing rod of 6 meters length in my garden. Then I wound a 3:12 transformer on a ferrite core, to match the wire to my transmitter (1:16 impedance ratio UnUn transformer). I followed the instructions of Steve, G0KYA but made some changes because I wanted to use my antenna only on 40, 20 and 15 meters. The SWR is under 1.5 on all of these bands.


My RIG is a 21 years old YAESU FT-900 transceiver. Fortunately, it already had CAT-control. The output power was reduced to 1 Watt (30 dBm) for WSPR operation. My power supply is a 28 Ah lead acid battery, because all the switch mode supplies that I tried were to noisy.

I purchased a USB to CAT cable from Steve, G8XGG which works perfectly well. For the audio connections from the TRX to the PC I made a transformer box, so that there are no ground loops. It also works flawlessly.

My software is WSJT-X running on an old 32 bit laptop under UBUNTU-Linux.

My 30 dBm signal was already received in the USA and in Brazil. I’m very happy with that :-).