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Local Club Activity

From the seventies to the early eighties I was a member of the Elmshorner Modellbau Club.

Almost every year a gliding contest was held with many participants who were all members of the club:

You see me kneeling in the foreground on the left. My model is a FLIP II that I built from a kit. Here is the manufacturer’s ad from 1973:

My father is holding the model with the largest wingspan. He always loved big models.

I’ve won the trophy for several years:

The next picture shows me in a deck chair during a one hour flight with my FLIP II:

My father is preparing his DRANA sailplane. This was a design of Erich Dreessen from Neumuenster. We bought several fiberglass fuselages from him and added our own wings. Erich also sold very high quality balsa wood.

The next picture shows me in 1981 with a model that I built using a SPRINT fuselage by Erich Dreessen:

I built the wings with a span of 3.2 meters and a root chord of 27 centimeters. The performance was excellent. I lost the model in Frankfurt when I started it with a broken receiver antenna and lost control.

Here you see another picture of my SPRINT laying in the preparation area of the Elmshorn flying field:

My father is holding the wings of his latest DRANA.